Sometimes pictures, or a video rather, tell a better story than words themselves.  Thanks to Guesthouse Creative for coming by and filming this video, capturing a bit of the behind the scenes process that goes into LVR. 

The Origins:

It all started with a handmade Christmas...well, honestly, it started way before that.  LVR has been a culmination of my past, of my history, of being raised by a gentleman.  My father is a gentleman in every sense of the word - from his dress to his manners. He is the reason I began sewing handkerchiefs and what has led me to create this line.  But going back to the Christmas of 2011.  My family decided to do a handmade Christmas.  I decided to make my father handkerchiefs (because he is never without one - ever).  He loved them and for the months following kept encouraging me to try to sell them.  I finally listened to his advice and one thing led to another and LVR became a men's accessories line. 

The Present:

I want my beliefs and my lifestyle to be present in what I make.  I want my business to be a natural extension of my life.  Hence my desire to use only natural dyes to color my pocket squares and handkerchiefs.  And to source the best fabric I can.  Fabric that makes me excited.  Fabric that makes me dream and want to travel.  To explore this earth and see that beauty it beholds.