Avocado Dyed Pieced Pillow Cover

Avocado Dyed Pieced Pillow Cover


A study on color and texture.  Combining different fabrics from different dye batches.  All made though using the same source of pigment, avocado.

Each pillow is pieced using scrap fabrics dyed with avocados.  Made from an assortment of linen, cotton, and silk fabrics.  Each is 100% unique.

Made using the left over fabric. Trying to use every last bit of fabric I can to eliminate waste.

Listing is only for the covers.  Only 2 available currently.  Allow 2-4 weeks for additional pillows.


Thread: Spanish
Fabric: cream hemp linen back with assorted fabrics on front
Dimensions: 25"
Envelope Closure
Care: spot clean or machine wash cold with mild detergent and hang dry


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