Inspired by Nature, Made with Nature


LVR started as a men's accessories line.  And since that day we have expanded to simply an accessories line.  With everything made using nature as inspiration and nature as the tool.  Naturally dyed goods for the everyday life.


Earth-Friendly Practices

All of our goods are naturally dyed.  That means we actually are using nature to dye.  Everything from avocados, eucalyptus, walnuts, indigo, turmeric, whatever we can get our hands on.  We only use minerals and plants to dye, and organic when possible. 


Good Goods

We believe in the goods we make and how they are made.  They are made to be both beautiful and practical.  Meant to be used and loved.  We source the best materials we can lay our hands on to insure we are providing the best we can.  Everything is sewn and dyed in house by our own hands.

Giving Back

A percentage of all sales are given to select charities, with the focus being, a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing clean water in developing countries where there is water crisis.