We were planning a day trip to Ojia, but we spent the 4th of July there last year.  So then we said, "what about heading south, south to San Diego?  Neither of us have been there."  My sister and I decided why not, but let's make it an overnight.  So we stayed up until neither of us could think straight looking for cute boutique hotels but to no avail.  We figured we would start over in the morning.  Wait and see what we thought then.  So, we woke up fresh and ready to plan the day, but to our disappointment the place that was top on our list to stay was no longer available.  Back to the drawing board, and so glad we had to, because that is when we found Rancho Santa Fe.  

We headed south with every intention of just pit stopping for the night here, but once we got to the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, we didn't want to leave.  We figured San Diego could wait for another day.  For today, here was where we would stay.