You know the deal...a new month, a new playlist.  And this is my first day of July back in the city, so it as good as ever to post today.  Usually I don't feel ready to leave LA.  I just want to stay,  keep exploring, keep hanging out.  But then as soon as I get back, I just have excitement to be here and am so thankful this is where I call home.  This time I am just tired.  Maybe because it is 5pm and I still haven't had an coffee today.  I haven't had coffee since yesterday morning.  I think I need coffee.  But mostly I am exhausted from a wonderful weekend exploring the coastal towns south of LA.  So much exploring that I just feel the need to rest.  So, music is officially beginning to play.  This playlist.  And I am going to begin to unpack and make my place in this home once again.

  1. Mr. Sandman // Syml
  2. Friends (featuring Bon Iver) // Francis and the Lights
  3. Monster // Jacob Banks, Avelino
  4. Cowards // Raleigh Ritchie
  5. Fire-scene // S. Carey
  6. Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was // S. Carey
  7. How Could I Have Known // Keaton Henson
  8. Boom Skit // M.I.A.
  9. Dream On // Aerosmith
  10. Madness // Ruelle
  11. Fear of the Water // Syml
  12. Signal // Sylvan Esso
  13. Chainsmoking // Jacob Banks
  14. I Can Change // Raleigh Ritchie
  15. Amsterdam // Gregory Alan Isakov
  16. 10am Gare du Nord // Keaton Henson
  17. Lying to You // Keaton Henson
  18. Kronos // Keaton Henson
  19. Double Bubble Trouble // M.I.A.
  20. Corner of My Eye // Roo Panes
  21. Vanished into Everything // Roo Panes
  22. I Was Here //Roo Panes
  23. Magnetised - Piano Tapes // Tom Odell
  24. Swim Good // Life is Better Blond

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