June.  Can't believe it has been nine months.  Nine months since I left my home in Tennessee.  Still not sure where I will settle.  Or how to settle.  How do you settle without a proper home or family?  Is there a version of settling just for now?  I feel settled but then not at all.  Knowing that I don't know what tomorrow is going to look like.  Or the next month.  Is that it?  Knowing your place in the world.  Does that make you feel settled?  Lots of unsorted thoughts in my mind of late.  Always that way right?  Well, while I get to sorting them, here is the latest playlist.  Lots of oldies and a bit random of an assortment.  But it is what I am feeling right now.  What I have on repeat.

  1. Strangers // The Kinks
  2. I'm Waiting for the Day // The Beach Boys
  3. Baby Blue // Tor Miller
  4. Azora // Tamu Massif
  5. Everything is Free (feat. Flock of Dimes) // Sylvan Esso, Flock of Dimes
  6. National // James Vincent McMorrow
  7. Bend Your Knees // James Vincent McMorrow
  8. The Pugilist // Keaton Henson
  9. Wicked Game // James Vincent McMorrow
  10. Surprise Yourself // Jack Garratt
  11. Closer // Jordan Max
  12. All Day and All of the Night // The Kinks
  13. Sunny Afternoon // The Kinks
  14. Lola // The Kinks
  15. Sign of the Times // Harry Styles
  16. Take the Wheel // Fort Frances
  17. Brooklyn // Glass Vaults
  18. Kill Our Way to Heaven // Michl
  19. A Prince // Jorja Smith
  20. Night Swim // Josef Salvat
  21. In Cold Blood // alt-J
  22. Embers // Max Richter
  23. A Postcard to Henry Purcell // Dario Marianelli
  24. IV. Mrs Dalloway: Meeting Again // Max Richter
  25. XVI. The Waves: Tuesday // Max Richter
  26. Sinking (feat. Nori) // Feverkin
  27. Simple Man // Lynyrd Skynyrd
  28. Sound // Sylvan Esso
  29. Epilogue // Keaton Henson
  30. Kiwi // Harry Styles
  31. Something in the Way // Jorja Smith
  32. Imperfect Circle // Jorja Smith
  33. Beautiful Little Fools //Jorja Smith
  34. Mercy // Jacob Banks
  35. House of the Rising Sun // alt-J
  36. Hunger of the Pine // alt-J

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