Preface:  This recipe really has nothing to do with cheesecake.  And in no way really resembles a cheesecake except for the fact I would recommend using a circular container for slicing and presentation.  Fudge would be a better comparison.  I should have called it fudge. I am tired and couldn't for the life of me think of an alternative name for a dessert.  Not in the mood to be creative with titles.  But I never am, so not even going to try tonight. 

A friend asked me today if I had any food intolerances or rather if I couldn't eat dairy.  My response.  I LOVE milk, cheese, butter.  Love milk.  Love cheese.  Love butter. I mean in my family one of the most repeated childhood stories of me was when we lived here in San Francisco.  I met my sisters at the bus stop after school licking a stick of butter like it was a popsicle or a lollipop or whatever you want to compare a little girl licking away at something as if it is the best thing ever.  My love for butter started early. My favorite sandwich and what I would ask my mom to make me for lunch when I was in school was butter and peperoni.  And my mom would actually make it.  My favorite food in the world might just be a good croissant.  And when I say good, I won't eat it unless it is good.  Which means fresh, flaky where there are crumbs all over the table and your hands, yet soft and doughy inside.  And that means it was made with pretty much just butter.  But that is a total aside, so back to today's story.  She then replied confusedly that I always bake desserts with coconut milk and the like.  Me.  Well.  For some reason I don't feel as guilty.  It doesn't seem quit as bad.  Like it is a healthier dessert.  And also really because so many other people seem to avoid certain foods, it just seems easier to try and make things gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, the list goes on and on. 

Back in the day when I ate raw for a short stint, I would make this for myself when my sweet tooth hit.  It ALWAYS hit the spot.  So much so, that I kept making it even when I quit eating raw.  Partly because it is seriously one of the easiest things ever and partly because I just liked it. is the recipe...


  • 1/2c tahini
  • 1 c sesame seeds (I prefer black but use whatever you have on hand)
  • 1/3c honey
  • optional: 1/4c shaved coconut, unsweetened, or more to taste

So, ready for this.  Put all the ingredients in a bowl.  Mix.  Put in a freezer safe container and allow to harden.  Cut and serve.  I recommend some yummy fresh berries like raspberries or strawberries.  Mangos sound yummy too.  But I have not yet personally experienced that.  So, maybe too sweet. 

Store in the freezer to keep the firm texture.