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» Journal

Sometimes words are not enough.  To capture the essence, the feel, the why and the how.  These images on the following pages are a visual look into the how, the why.  What makes LVR. 



This month my sis', Stepheny, came up with a playlist.  Can't wait to give it a listen.  Click here to listen for yourself.

  1. Ophelia // The Lumineers
  2. Surrender // Natalie Taylor
  3. Earned It // Bootstraps
  4. Grave Digger // Matt Maeson
  5. Beneath The Surface // Demons of Ruby Mae
  6. Set Us Free // The Sea The Sea
  7. Black Dreaming // Kyson
  8. You're the Last Thing on My Mind // Aron Wright
  9. Mama Said // Cat Clyde
  10. Why Don't You Listen // James Cherry
  11. Lucy The Tease // Allan Rayman
  12. Where's My Love // Syml
  13. Lou Lou // Albin Lee Meldau
  14. Give It Up // George Taylor
  15. Rise Up // Andra DAy
  16. Milk & Honey // Jessarea
  17. Ruby Blue // Sleeping At Last
  18. Pray You Catch Me // Brooklyn Duo
  19. Fallen // Gert Taberner
  20. Neurosis // Oliver Riot
  21. The Wisp Sings // Winter Aid
  22. A closeness // Dermot Kennedy
  23. Skin // Rag'n'Bone Man