It is a short playlist.  It is a short month.

Music has power.  Power to transport oneself.  To a place of emotion.  Maybe of escape.  Or distraction.  Or to relive a feeling or memory.  The other day I found myself starring out a window.  Looking at the world passing by.  I realized I felt melancholy.  That the music had taken me out of myself.  To someplace it wanted to go.  I did not even realize it was happening until it was over.  The moment the song ended, so did the trance I was under.  It was if I had suddenly woken.  Woken from the moment.  Woken from the feelings the notes and the words had brought forth in myself. 

The songs on this playlist have had the opposite affect.  They have woken me up.  Made me more aware of the moment.  Brought me to attention.  Gently.  Softly.  Bringing me out of my head and into the moment. 

  1. Dream Journal // Feverkin
  2. Alone, Not Alone // Bannerman
  3. Shines Like Silver // Linus HAblot
  4. Fallen // Gert Taberner
  5. Killin' Floor // Kail Baxley
  6. Secrets // Tribe Society
  7. Black Wave // K.Flay
  8. Brother // Anna Pancaldi
  9. Bet She Looks Like You // Nick Hakim
  10. 13 // Allan Rayman
  11. I'm the Wrong Man // Bannerman
  12. Echoes // Bannerman
  13. In Need // Gert Taberner
  14. Mirrors of Paradise // Kail Baxley
  15. Better Feeln' Better Days // Kail Baxley
  16. The Ballad of Johnny Steel // Kail Baxley

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