The other day found me in the woods, running up a mountain trail.  I can't make it to the top yet.  That is my goal.  (These woods pictured are not my running trail mind you.)

At the start of my morning run, I passed a couple with their dog.  We exchanged pleasantries as we moved along.  On my way back down, I again passed them.  The man commented on my running to the top, to which I said, "oh I walked some too".  He stopped, and with complete sincerity he said "thank you for being honest". 

Continuing on my way, I kept thinking how he thanked me for my honesty.  Honesty seems a given, a natural part of life.  Or what life should be.  What I expect life to be.  But the reality is it isn't.  May we all be men and women of integrity.  Known for honesty.  Characterized by truth.

*photos taken during a walk through Tennessee Valley