A Place to Call Home

A friend recently asked me to describe my home.  This* is what I wrote...

Walking into my home feels a bit like you would imagine Hansel and Gretel to feel.  Trees surround me on all sides - giant redwoods.  It is as if a canopy rests gently above with pockets for sunshine to float down.  The house is built on the side of a mountain so half is supported with stilts.  It is wild and woodsy.

My home is probably no more than 20' x 20' in space.  The center of which has a spiral staircase rising to a loft with just enough room for a mattress.  You cannot walk - you have to crawl into bed.  Sitting up in the middle allows you to extend fully the height of your seated body, but you must be aware at what angle you begin this so as not to bump your head in the progress.  

The kitchenette is to the left upon entering, with just enough space.  To the right is the only closet/storage and my little work table.  Where you can find me most evenings, sitting under the glow of the light from above, working.  The wall to the right is entirely flanked by windows framed with gorgeous redwood.  There are 6 panels of glass with 4 swinging open freely to let in the California air.  Both the kitchen and the back wall have little windows, made perfectly for the cultivating of plants.  The ceiling has quite a nice peak.  Allowing light to pour in from the sky light and dance off the white walls. Every surface is white except for the dark wood floors which add a needed warmth to the space against the cold northern California air. 


A sliding door acts as partition to the bathroom, which is actually seemingly large considering the size of the home.   Like the living room, there is a sky light which adds a soft grey glow at all times.  The ceiling has original wood beams and white tile floors, seemingly opposite of the main room.  From the skylight you can catch a glimpse of the home above, of the deck, which sits towering above, also built into the side of the steep mountain side with stilts, tall and spindly supporting the entirety of the home. 

I feel like in these days, I need to slow down.  Focus my mind.  Not just look at images.  But allow my mind to process what I am taking in both visually and audibly. I appreciated the question and the chance to stop and take in my surroundings.  To really look at them and process them.  And enjoy them.

*Necessary edits made