What I am Listening to...October

So, it's October, which means a new playlist.  But I felt as if in a desert musically.  Desperately thirsting for something, yet with no idea how to find what I was longing for.  I was in the mood for something new, something refreshing.  But I couldn't figure it out.  And trust me, I tried.  So, I asked my sister. 

When she sent over the new playlist, it was perfect.  Gentle, soothing, and just the right amount of emotion.  It is what I need.  It was what I was trying to put my finger on, but couldn't.  It is amazing how someone can know exactly what you are wanting, needing, without even realizing it. 

photo (15).JPG

So, without further ado, here is October's playlist...

  1. Home/Dirty Paws - Gardiner Sisters
  2. Ho Hey - Nashville Cast
  3. Like Real People Do (Live Version) - Hozier
  4. Silhouette - Active Child featuring Ellie Goulding
  5. Come By Fire - Sara Jackson - Holman
  6. Unaware - Billie Marten
  7. Fuel to Fire - Agnes Obel
  8. Berlin - RY X
  9. Halo - Ane Brun, Linnea Olsson
  10. Resolution - Matt Corby
  11. Pull Me Down - Mikky Ekko
  12. Explosions - Ellie Goulding
  13. Spark (Radio Edit) - Amber Run
  14. You There - Aquilo
  15. Smokestacks - Layla
  16. Tell A Lie - Farao
  17. Nothin On My Mind - astronomy
  18. We Prefer It in the Dark - Bat and Ball
  19. Oh My Love - Layla
  20. You and I - Johnnyswim
  21. A Million Years - Johnnyswim

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