Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

For the upcoming season, the LVR collection is focusing on hand dyed fabrics and woven cottons.  Minimal, versatile, strong, beautiful.  I was inspired by the mountains of West Virginia.  The ferns, a blanket of green.  The horizon line, a contrast of sky and trees.  The fire tower, a simple and strong design.  With West Virginia in mind, and the numerous trails to be hiked, I have also included bandanas in the line up.  More practical than a handkerchief for whatever you may encounter in your day. Hand Dyed Collection:

LVR Aug 2014 005 LVR Aug 2014 006 LVR Aug 2014 008 LVR Aug 2014 009 LVR Aug 2014 014 LVR Aug 2014 015

Dyed with organic indigo and ground pomegranates.  Each one is entirely unique.

Woven Collection:

LVR Aug 2014 013 LVR Aug 2014 011 LVR Aug 2014 016LVR Aug 2014 017 LVR Aug 2014 019 LVR Aug 2014 020 LVR Aug 2014 021 LVR Aug 2014 022 LVR Aug 2014 023

Some of these are favorites from seasons past but are tried and true best sellers.

Hand Rolled Silks:

LVR Aug 2014 029 LVR Aug 2014 060

100% handcrafted


LVR Aug 2014 047 LVR Aug 2014 048

Visit the Indie Craft Parade September 12-14 for the debut of the new collection.  It will be released on Etsy following that.