White, white, and more white

So, if you follow LVR on instagram you will have already seen me mention this. When it comes to pocket squares, white is a must. So much so, there are presently five in the LVR collection.

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Linen: Linen is the most traditional pocket square (or handkerchief). It is good for any occasion;  for any fold. White linen can easily be dressed up or down.

Silk:  Silk is the best choice for black tie and formal occasions.  But it is still suitable for daily wear. For an effortless, yet sophisticated look, silk is the way to go.

Swiss Batiste:  the casual version of the silk.  Light and fine.  It gives an effortless look in a more subtle way.

Satin Batiste:  Between linen and Swiss Batiste, the satin is an all around good pick as it can transition between any occasion or fold and be used as a handkerchief as well as pocket square.  It is crisp enough for a straight fold, yet soft enough for a puff.

Dotted Swiss:  Makes a statement for sure.  Great for when you are wanting a little extra flair.