What I am Listening to...June

Everything is green; everything is lush.  Warm weather is here to stay.  It is summer - or at least it will be this month.  It is June. photo (1)

...this tree, nestled among the kudzu and the green, along a quiet little back road here in Tennessee.  One of my favorite...

So, here is June's playlist.  Not very long and pretty mellow...

  1. Strawberry Jam - Skope (more appropriate in May, but oh well)
  2. Quiet Crowd - Patrick Watson
  3. Wandering Eyes - Kopecky Family Band
  4. Sinking Man - Of Monsters and Men
  5. Oh No - Kris Orlowski
  6. My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit
  7. Even if We Try - Night Beds
  8. Was I For You? - Night Beds
  9. How Did You Get So Far Away? - Night Beds
  10. Way You Are - Kris Orlowski
  11. Harvest - K.S. Rhoads

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