What I am Listening to...May

Thailand.  I am at this very moment in Thailand!  So, obviously this is not what I am listening to right now, but it will be as soon as I get back to work later this month.  And work will I be doing having been gone for weeks trekking through another country. This month's list is definitely more relaxed and soothing compared to the music I typically listen to while working.  I am figuring two weeks on the beach and in the hills of Thailand, I will be pretty relaxed.

  1. Another Girl...Wild Belle
  2. Keep You...Wild Belle
  3. Moonsea...Phildel
  4. Switchblade...Phildep
  5. Me and Armini...Emiliana Torrini
  6. Gangsta...Tune-Yards
  7. Elastic Heart...Sia, The Weekend, Diplo
  8. Damn Your Eyes...Alex Clare
  9. Heard It All Before...Emiliana Torrini
  10. Ha Ha...Emiliana Torrini
  11. 1940...The Submarines (from Honeysuckle Weeks - isn't that such a great title)
  12. Caroline...Alex Clare

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photo (90)

...not Thailand...Tennessee from a hike before I left.  When I need a break from sewing, this is where I head...